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Power Couple
All along the Alps by tandem

Céline Mehouas and Sébastien Remillieux travel from their village in the south of France along the Alps to Slovenia.

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With its /advancedadventures campaign ADVANCE supports and publicises exceptional worldwide paraglider projects, to promote the sport and show it in all its variety. This is not primarily about performance, but concerns itself with human experience and personal adventure – the appeal of having ventured something new.

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Tag pictures or films of your exploits on Instagram or Youtube with #advancedadventures and thereby appear on the ADVANCE Social Media Stream. If you have mastered a big project, and have produced arresting text and high quality pictured or films, let us know as well.

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Power Couple

Céline Mehouas and Sébastien Remillieux travel from their village in the south of France along the Alps to Slovenia. With the Tandem, in VolBiv Style.

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Bike to Fly

Because a rock face blocks the bike trail, Patrick von Känel combines two types of sport, packs his paraglider and flies over the face.

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Ski & Fly Circuit

Three friends want to circle the Mont Blanc Massiv by ski and paraglider, also making use of skilifts, cablecars and railways. Having fun is at the…

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Alone in the Wilderness

Björn Klaassen set off into the wilderness that is Greenland. Carrying a PI 2, his tent, sleeping bag, and everything else that one might need when on…

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Shared Joy on the Mountain

Six friends, Sepp Inniger, Hanes Kämpf, Nicola Heiniger, Andrina Frutiger, Jil Schmid and Joel Sigenthaler climbed the 4,158 m high Jungfrau. In their…

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Above the Volcanoes

The seven Aeolian Islands in the South of Italy have that Mediterranean flair – through and through. Adi Geisegger and Melanie Weber travelled to…

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The long way round

Olga von Plate decided to move from Salzburg in Austria to her home in Freiburg, Germany. What was special about this? She undertook the 700 kms by 42…

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Forgotten coasts

Felix Wölk and Roman Berner made a road trip to the Pacific coasts of the southern hemisphere, to find something out about air on the stormy side.

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Jurassic coastline

It was a calendar picture that had captivated photo­grapher Adi Geisegger many years ago. The image remained with him until, at last, he had the…

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Deep into the Caucasus

Arrested by the border police, fed by the shepherds, and brutally caught in the sink: Robert Blum and Andi Egger find out how tough, lonely and…

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Majestic soaring

Different skills, consideration and luck are the building blocks of a special day. Thanks to teamwork Raphaela Haug and three friends were able to…

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Fascinating light show

A story about fantastic ski tours, unique ski'n fly's and the fascinating northern lights.

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