As part of the ADVANCE warranty we are obliged to correct possible defects in our products that can be attributed to manufacturing faults. Damage caused by overloading is specifically excluded. For warranty claims to be valid, ADVANCE must be informed immediately upon discovery of a defect and the defective product must be sent in for inspection. The manufacturer then decides how to remedy any manufacturing defect (repair, replacement of parts or replacement of the product). Basically, the legal warranty obligations of your country apply. If you register your product with ADVANCE online within 10 days of purchase this cover will be extended by 12 months.  The duration for the warranty and service intervals begins on the date of the first flight, entered on the type certificate placard. If no such date is shown the date of transfer from ADVANCE to the dealer becomes relevant.

Otherwise the ADVANCE guarantee does not include any further claims. In particular, no warranty is given for damage resulting from careless or incorrect use of the product (e.g. insufficient maintenance, unsuitable storage), overloading, exposure to extreme temperatures, etc.). The same applies to damage resulting from an accident or normal wear and tear.


Register your product for free on our website within 10 days of purchase and receive an extended warranty of 12 months beyond the legal warranty period of your country!

Product registration

Handle with Care

Especially light products are clearly more sensitive to overloading of all kinds an to defects. The "Handle with Care" advice should be observed at all times because the lifetime of the products depends on it.

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Overstress that cannot be anticipated

When using the product there is always the risk of unpredictable overstress in flight, for example caused by flying conditions or a surprise bump in the air. In rare cases the product could suffer damage. This is especially disappointing in that, usually, neither the manufacturer nor the pilot can be held responsible. Light products tend to be more susceptible to damage due to overstress.

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