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Bike to Fly

A different way to get down

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Ski & Fly Circuit

Once around Mont Blanc

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PI 3


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Advanced adventures

It's the adventure that counts

Alone in the Wilderness

Björn Klaassen set off into the wilderness that is Greenland. Carrying a PI 2, his tent, sleeping bag, and everything else that one might need when on…

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Shared Joy on the Mountain

To float from an icy mountain top down to the valley: this is the dream of mountaineers and pilots alike.

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Above the Volcanoes

Local fish, fresh lemons, good wine…The seven Aeolian Islands in the South of Italy have that Mediterranean flair – through and through. Adi Geisegger…

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Forgotten Coast

Felix Wölk and Roman Berner made a road trip to the Pacific coasts of the southern hemisphere, to find something out about air on the stormy side.

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The long way round

Olga von Plate decided to move from Salzburg in Austria to her home in Freiburg, Germany. What was special about this? She undertook the 700 kms by 42…

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Deep in Caucasus

Arrested by the border police, fed by the shepherds, and brutally caught in the sink: Robert Blum and Andi Egger find out how tough, lonely and…

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Jurassic Coastline

It was a calendar picture that had captivated photo­grapher Adi Geisegger many years ago. The image remained with him until, at last, he had the…

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Advance Brandfaces

Aaron Durogati Worldcup-overall Winner, X-Alps participant

„The OMEGA XALPS 3 is absolutely the easiest two-liner that I’ve ever flown. And all that with impressive performance. For me that is a decisive X-Alps criterion“

Chrigel Maurer Six times X-Alps Winner

The IMPRESS 4 is a real quantum leap in terms of comfort.  Even after 11 hours in the air I have absolutely no pressure points. I am always loose and physically relaxed.

Patrick von Känel ADVANCE Testpilot and X-Alps Rookie

„The PI 3 is stress-free and simple due to its easy launch characteristics and thanks to the damped flight feeling. It allows me to capture and enjoy my magic moments 100%.“


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