Reliable Paragliding Equipment

Pioneering spirit and Swiss precision.
Our story.

Enable our ideas to fly, that’s what we do. Since our beginnings over 30 years ago, ADVANCE have kept the needs, wishes and experiences of our pilots at the forefront. With Swiss precision we refine model after model. The highest quality and absolute reliability are part of the experience, in the air an in our customer service. So from pioneers we have become perfectionists, and a leading worldwide comprehensive service provider. 

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Advance since 1988

Rolf Zeltner Founder and CEO ADVANCE

"The incentive to repay the trust and confidence of pilots motivates us day by day. With new ideas and leading products. With perfect service and a unique look."

ADVANCED Technology. Our Philosophy.

Following our own route, staying true to our standards: this is how the legendary innovation of ADVANCE originated. Sometimes we are ahead of the times. Sometimes we polarise. Our motto: Only those who leave the mainstream get ahead. That is why experts often follow our lead. We take the time to develop our equipment to the finest detail before we release it to pilots.

Made by ADVANCE.
Our own Production.

If you set high standards you must be able to meet them. That is why we create our products ourselves. For years ADVANCE have had their own production facility in Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam). “Precision and perfection in every working step” applies to our entire operation. Our products are prepared using the latest technologies. This is how we generate the conditions required to achieve the highest quality.

The Vinh Tran Huu Head of ADVANCE production

"Quality is the result of a long process. Precision and perfection at every step of the process is our priority."

Et le gagnant est...
Nos succès en compétitions.

Se développer pour relever de nouveaux défis ; c’est la raison de notre engagement dans le sport au plus haut niveau. Depuis de nombreuses années, une équipe ADVANCE d’excellence est parvenue à voler de succès en succès. Après les très bons innombrables résultats en compétition de parapente classique, nous nous concentrons aujourd’hui sur des courses de Marche et Vol comme la X-Alps, et nous participons encore à des compétitions de XC. Elles nous inspirent pour créer nos innovations décisives : nos produits sont ainsi toujours plus légers, plus compétitifs et plus pratiques.

Pilotes d'équipe

Near you: Our Worldwide Network.

Our global network consists of several hundred specialists and dealers. This ensures that ADVANCE is represented in your area. Our main base in Thun (Switzerland) has a staff of around 30: here is the source of our innovation, and here our marketing, operations, support and service employees are busy. We have a service workshop in France, and more than 300 production workers in our dedicated factory in Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam) who make our products: paragliders, harnesses, rucksacks and accessories – to the highest standards.