Chrigel Maurer

Name: Chrigel Maurer
Date of birth: 1982
Nationality: Switzerland
Flies since: 1998

Do you remember your first flight? How was it?

I practised take-offs with my father’s wing on the training slope, then I lifted off and it was fast and high – after 30 seconds I landed safely again.

What moments make flying worthwhile?

The paraglider allows me to do a lot:
Hike & fly: you can climb mountains under your own power and enjoy a flight, it saves me the climb down
Competition: enables me to play a game in the air with others
Tandem: I can show others the great feeling of flying
Acro: experiencing wing control and G-force

Your three top flying areas?

In Switzerland we mostly have the best places to fly whatever the wind and weather!
The Dune du Pyla is super for playing and learning and I find the Dolomite landscape incredibly thrilling.

What are you doing on a day that is not flyable?

As an athlete and father, I have plenty to do with organising, preparing, planning, office work etc. For me flying means collecting experiences which I can then pass on at lectures. Also, I invest a lot of time in my endurance training, to be fit for competitions.

Most important paragliding successes?

European Champion 
3 times World Champion 
3 times X-Pyr winner 
6 times X-Alps winner
6 times Swiss Champion
11 times World Cup winner
Longest FAI triangle 343km (2.6.2019)
515km XC Flight in Brazil 2017
Infinity Tumbling Record 2009 with 210 loops
Flying over the Matterhorn with the tandem

Why do you fly for ADVANCE?

In 2001 ADVANCE made it possible for me to have an easy entrance into competition, and from 2004 with work in development (mainly the IMPRESS) I could make my hobby my job, and alongside that, fly international competitions. We have benefited a lot from each other, and ADVANCE has also built up a complete palette of products that are more than competitive in the market – THANKS A LOT!

What is your favourite food?

Food? I thought this was about flying... but yes – man lives by eating, but that is not so important to me. Mainly pasta!

What is your favourite quote in life?

Set goals to make progress!