Patrick von Känel

Name: Patrick von Känel
Date of birth: 1994
Nationality: Switzerland
Paraglider: OMEGA XALPS
Flies since: 2010

Do you remember your first flight? How was it?

Yes, I knew straight away: paragliding is what I want to do.

What moments make flying worthwhile?

All the sunsets that I see from the air.

Your three top flying areas?

Berner Oberland, Tessin and Wallis

What are you doing on a day that is not flyable?

Kitefoiling on the lake.

Most important paragliding successes?

When I began paragliding.

Why do you fly for ADVANCE?

It’s a privilege to be able to work and fly for ADVANCE.

What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite quote in life?

Chase the magic moments.