Allround Tourer

Touring Paraglider

Allround Tourer

Touring Paraglider

As a light and compact Performance-Intermediate from 3.4 kg the XI satisfies the most diverse pilots’ needs; and does it in style. Whether near or far, difficult flying or exciting adventure, the new light high-end B goes with you for bivouac flying, Hike & XC-fly tours, traveling or discovering new routes in remote regions. XI – realise your story.



Real lightweight construction

Available from 3.4 kg with fully lightweight design: The XI uses a mix of 27 and 32 gm Porcher Skytex cloth. To save more weight the number of cells and sliced diagonals has been reduced. The stress distribution system has been reworked to coordinate these requirements. The result is a perfectly balanced entity.


Performing in all conditions

The XI combines light weight with the outstanding performance of the Performance-Intermediate IOTA 2. The High-end B wing features high pitch and directional stability in mobile air. This and its significant stability at speed encourage relaxed, hours-long flying – with performance you can call upon at any time.


Unique Allround talent

As an allround talent the XI takes you wherever you would like to go: on a long cross country following a hike to a remote takeoff, as your first vol-bivouac companion, on a trip round the world or an evening Hike & Fly - the antidote for a busy day. Your creativity has no bounds with a XI.


Double 3D-Diamond Shaping

Double 3D-Diamond Shaping

A diagonal perspective in the two-fold 3D shaping computations works to counteract seam-gathering (ruching) and the effects of the vertical forces across the profile. This achieves an even smoother canopy surface at the leading edge.

Sliced Diagonals

Sliced Diagonals

The XI has Sliced Diagonals inside the wing to provide ideal tension distribution at minimum weight. Extensive work on this technology enabled many line support points to be saved, as well as ensuring the stable shape of the canopy itself, even under demanding aerodynamic and mechanical conditions.

State-of-the-Art Technology

State-of-the-Art Technology

The latest technology is incorporated in the XI: for example the Advanced Air Scoop for friendly stall behaviour, short C-Wires for maximum profile retention and Miniribs for a smooth, efficient trailing edge.

Pitch Control System

Pitch Control System

The XI has a modern pitch control system for its trailing edge, which interconnects with the B-level. It can be flown actively and steered by the C/B-levels when accelerated.

Loop reinforcement and double coating

Loop reinforcement and double coating

Every XI line has internal loop reinforcement. This increases its line diameter, and thus the surface area of loop to loop contact. This reduces pressure where thin line meets thicker, and avoids the problem of the thin line cutting into the other. Base line loops also have external covers to minimise wear where they meet their quicklink. Furthermore Edelrid Magix Pro lines undergo a detailed Thermo Shield treatment and have an additional UV-Protec-Coating. These finishing processes prolong life, provide resistance to dust, water, and UV radiation.

Very stable length

Very stable length

Compared with Dyneema, Aramid lines, in general, change their lengths very little. Edelrid “Magix Pro” demonstrates minimal stretching and shrinking – within a maximum 0.2 % - and this line has excellent return-to-original properties. Experience shows that paragliders, fully lined with Edelrid “Magix Pro”, do not require retrimming for very long periods. Original flying characteristics are retained even after much intensive use.


C-Riser-Steering / Pitch Control System


2-Phase Speed System

Speed Performance Indicator (SPI)

Easy Connect System

Picture: Adi Geisegger

Technical Data


XI 21 23 25 27 29
Flat surface m2 21.8 23.7 25.7 27.7 29.7
Projected surface m2 18.8 20.4 22.1 23.9 25.6
Ideal weight range kg 65 - 75 75 - 85 85 - 97 97 - 110 110 - 125
Certified takeoff weight kg 60 - 77 70 - 88 80 - 100 92 - 114 105 - 128
Glider weight kg 3.4 3.6 3.8 4.05 4.3
Span m 11.1 11.5 12 12.5 12.9
Projected span m 8.9 9.3 9.7 10 10.4
Aspect ratio 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Projected aspect ratio 4.23 4.23 4.23 4.23 4.23
Max. chord m 2.43 2.53 2.63 2.73 2.83
Number of cells 57 57 57 57 57
Number of risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Certification EN / LTF B EN / LTF B EN / LTF B EN / LTF B EN / LTF B


Leading edge Skytex 32 universal, 32 g/m2
Upper surface Skytex 27 classic 2, 29 g/m2
Lower surface Skytex 27 classic 2, 29 g/m2
Designstripe Skytex 32 universal, 32 g/m2
Profiles Skytex 32 hard finish, 33 g/m2, x 27 hard finish, 29 g/m2
Unsuspended profiles Skytex 27 hard finish, 29 g/m2
Main lines A-8000U-230, -190, -130, -090
Galery lines A-8000U-130, -090, -070, -050
Brake lines A-8000U-070, -050
Steering lines A-8000U-190, A-7850-240
Risers Polyester/Technora 13mm, 850daN
Softlinks Softlink DC 300

Scope of Delivery

Repair Kit Repair Kit
Mini Windsock Mini Windsock


The XI size selection was thought of as having Seamless Weight Ranges between 10 and 15 kg steps. Every pilot’s flying weight will find itself within only one ideal takeoff weight range, because these ranges extend seamlessly through the glider sizes, but do not overlap. These XI ideal takeoff weight areas provide the optimal relationship between gliding speed and climb performance for each size in all normal flying conditions, and also take into account the different paraglider size characteristics.

60 kg
130 kg
60 77
65 75
70 88
75 85
80 100
85 97
92 114
97 110
105 128
110 125


Cross Coutry Magazine Tesreport edition No 199

I would have no hesitation in taking this wing on a big trip or into the wilderness. It feels safe while retaining strong performance and those are wonderful character traits for a glider built to help you explore places you might never otherwise go.

Skywings Magazine Testreport issue Feb 2019

A safe, performant glider capable of 100k flights, enjoyable to fly in all conditions, to take on great Alpine adventures. On top it is compact and light...and keeps you out of the clutches of the chiropractor. The Xi is as good as it gets!

Thermik Magazin Testbericht Ausgabe 7/2020

Trotz der High-B-Gene ist der XI ausgesprochen gedämpft, einfach zu fliegen sowie klapp- und stallresistent. Der XI ist wendig und selbst in starken Bedingungen drehfreudig. Ein sensationeller Thermikflügel.

Parapente + Testbericht Ausgabe Nr. 470

Der XI ist eindeutig einer der Besten, wenn nicht sogar DER beste Kompromiss zwischen Leistung, Gewicht, Volumen und Einfachheit. Seine Verspieltheit und Kompaktheit machen den XI bei allen Arten von Flügen angenehm – vom ersten Spielen am Boden bis zu +200km.

Picture: Adi Geisegger


Leading edge
Bottom sail: with this combination only a white bottom sail is possible
selected color-code:


Documentation Download PDF
Getting Started
User manual
EN/LTF Certification 21 23 25 27 29
Line plan
Total line length 21 23 25 27 29
Assembly instructions Softlinks
Product presentation


Can I fly the XI outside my Seamless Weight Range?

Of course! The certified weight ranges are wider than the seamless weight ranges and overlap. The seamless (ideal) weight ranges with no overlapping areas just make it easier to choose – in fact there’s no choice required. Flying outside your seamless weight range – near the upper or lower certified weight limits – can influence a wing’s handling characteristics, without affecting your safety. Glider performance remains the same, but climb performance will vary.

What does the XI require of its pilot?

The lightweight Performance-Intermediate is suitable for experienced thermal pilots who have, at least, made their first cross country flights and have the necessary feeling for a High-EN/LTF-B wing. Only those who have acquired an active flying style, can recognise the onset of canopy disturbances and know how to react accordingly, will be able to fully make the most of the XI’s impressive performance. Mastery of the usual fast descent techniques for a High-EN/LTF-B paraglider is assumed.

XI or IOTA 2? Which one is right for me?

IOTA 2: for everyone who does not make weight a first priority and who would like a very robust wing.

XI: for adventurers, pilots who like to walk up to takeoffs, be it for long, ambitious cross countries or Hike & Fly – or the XI’s showpiece: Bivouac flying.

Download PDF differences IOTA-XI

How do I use the Pitch Control Function?

Instead of controlling canopy pitch by speedbar and steering by weightshift you can use the XI C-Risers directly. The advantage is direct handling response. A Pitch Control Line transmits some C-riser movement to the B-level. Please note that correct and instinctive control by C-Riser needs experience and practice. Pulling them too hard or fast risks stalling!

Which XI size should I choose?

If you fly in the normal variety of conditions you should choose the wing whose Seamless Weight Range contains your normal all-up flying flight.

Is there anything special about packing the XI?

Like all modern paragliders with leading edge and C-Wires we recommend that you pack the XI cell on cell. We have deliberately shortened the C-Wires for easier, smaller packing (e.g. for reversible harnesses). When packing always lay the nose wires one on the next, so that they lie flat on each other, at the same height. All C-Wires will then be at their own same level. Fold the wing to the width of the inner bag and fold it in as usual (see. pic.): first fold the trailing edge over inboard of the mini-ribs (below the C-Wires), then the leading edge below the Leading-Edge-Wires. Finally fold the leading edge half over the trailing edge end.


Flybubble has published a short packing video:

Why does the XI have Softlinks? Can I change a line?

We have a lot of positive experience with our light PI BI tandem wing which has Softlinks. They are one tenth the weight of metal quicklinks, for the same strength.

If you have to change a line the ADVANCE Softlink can be opened and closed without problem. No tool is needed. There’s a guide in the manual with the picture underneath. If you are not sure how to do this, or have any question, always ask an ADVANCE Service Centre.

Download assembly instructions

What do I get by registering my paraglider in my MyADVANCE Account?

By registering you benefit from the extended ADVANCE warranty. This is valid for three years for defects that can be attributed to manufacturing faults. You will also be informed about safety-relevant intelligence about your ADVANCE product direct from us.

In the MyADVANCE Account you will find all the documents and data concerning your XI as a PDF, e.g. manual, line plan, check protocol and other assorted information. There you can look at spare parts for your XI or discuss support questions direct.

The XI is made of lightweight fabrics; what effect does this have on its lifespan?

No paraglider should be dragged over the ground, stored wet, left in the sun without need, dunked in salt water or exposed to large temperature changes while packed. This advice applies in particular to a light wing like a XI. If you look after it carefully, you will be able to enjoy your XI for a long time.



Video by Greg Hammerton

Read the testreport
Dust of the Universe by Ziad Bassil

For a light high performance B, the XI is a nice companion for travel, hike and fly, and XC. The overall performance is among the top B’s. Nice handling, pleasure feel in thermals, and a small packing volume.

Testberich auf Lu-Glidz von Lucian Haas

Der Leichtschirm Xi ist auf leistungsorientiertes XC-Fliegen ausgelegt. Mit seiner unaufgeregten Art strahlt er eine gewisse Lässigkeit aus. Im Rund der High-B-Schirme gehört er zu den zugänglicheren Charakteren.

Testreport free.aero

Der Xi ist ein großer Erfolg, der auf der Iota 2 Erfolgs-Welle surft, mit einem deutlichen Gewichtsvorteil! Tatsächlich eröffnet diese Kappe weitere Horizonte, mit noch mehr Komfort beim Hike and Fly und einer offensichtlichen Effizienz im Flug.


date pilot launch type distance glider info

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