Safety & Comfort First

High-End Harness

Safety & Comfort First

High-End Harness

The SUCCESS 4 is more than just a new addition to the popular SUCCESS family: its outstanding level of safety - far exceeding the general protector certification criteria – makes it something special. Its perfect seating geometry and a stylishly clean silhouette recommends this modern sports harness to those leisure and cross country pilots who value comfort combined with low aerodynamic drag.


super secure

Three protectors for maximum safety

SUCCESS 4 safety reaches new heights: the main protector extends far up the lower back. From there another foam protector continues up the spine. For the first time side impact protection from German protector manufacturer SAS-TEC is included in the design.

highly comfortable

Perfect seat geometry

The SUCCESS 4 specialises in maximum comfort. The latest 3D development methods have produced a harness which fits the human frame to ergonomic perfection. Two foam protectors and the familiar ADVANCE comfort foam support not only the lumbar region, but all of the back in flight.

sportive clean

Tailored outline for ideal aerodynamics

The SUCCESS 4 scores with an exceptionally compact shape and slender silhouette, even though there are two additional protectors inside. A smooth and stress-sharing design guarantees the cleanest aerodynamics - for a total weight from only 3.9 kilos.

Technology & Features


Ergonomic 3D seat surface

Ergonomic 3D seat surface

The 3D-designed seat surface gives the SUCCESS 4 its great comfort. In addition, both protectors and the comfort foam are arranged to support the whole back perfectly – from top to bottom.



The Balance-Strap-System sliding support principle makes it easy for the pilot to slide back into the harness after takeoff, and helps him stand up again in the harness before landing. This traditional balance arrangement responds to the changes in pilot centre of gravity position encouraged by pulling in the legs after takeoff, and extending them before landing.

SAS-TEC Side protectors

SAS-TEC Side protectors

Two visco-elastic soft-foam side protectors from German high-quality manufacturer SAS-TEC protect the pelvis, principally from side-directed crashes. These SAS-TEC parts can be removed and replaced.

Multi-chamber foam protectors

Multi-chamber foam protectors

The SUCCESS 4 has two multi-chamber foam protectors which ensure controlled air exit, thus providing the best possible protection performance. The main protector (LTF 91/09) extends upwards beyond the lower back. An additional protector continues up the back to protect the thoracic spine (rib attachment vertebrae). This foam can be taken out to make more room in the back pocket.

Alias Alu carabiners


Easy Connect System

Drink system

2-buckle closure system

Carbon seatboard

Carbon speedbar already fitted

Ball bearing Ronstan speed system pulleys


V-Line zip for reserve

Technical Data


Pilot height cm 155-172 165-183 178-202
Seating width cm 34 35.5 37
Seatboard depth cm 40 44 46
Carabiner height cm 42 44 46
Chest strap width cm 42-54 42-54 42-54
Harness weight kg 3.90 4.00 4.20
Harness certification EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg


Main straps Polyester, 25mm, 8kN
Leg straps Polyester, 15mm, 13.2kN
Shoulder straps Polyester, 15mm, 13.2kN
Seat area Nylon Oxford 210D PU3
Outer covering Nylon Ripstop 210D PU3
Chest strap AustriAlpin Cobra
Carabiner Alias, Twist Lock, 23kN, 58gr.

Scope of Delivery

Multi-chamber foam protectors Multi-chamber foam protectors
SAS-TEC Side protectors SAS-TEC Side protectors
Carbon Seatboard Carbon Seatboard
Speed system Speed system
Comfort foam Comfort foam
2 Edelrid Alias Alu carabiners 2 Edelrid Alias Alu carabiners


Radio pocket Radio pocket
Hook Knife Hook Knife
Foot stirrup Foot stirrup
Cockpit Cockpit


Security Download PDF
Safety advice: Reserve Parachute Bulletin
Safety advice: Service Bulletin Carbon Seatboard
Getting Started
User manual
EN/LTF Certification
CE Protector Certification
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Product presentation


What makes the SUCCESS 4 so special compared with the SUCCESS 3?

The SUCCESS 4 has many new, very high quality European components such as RONSTAN ball bearing pulleys, AustriAlpin buckles and EDELRID Alu carabiners. The original protector has been lengthened by seven centimetres and a further multi chamber foam protector added to protect the rib section of the spine. A new feature is the side crash protection by SAS-TEC. For the first time an ADVANCE harness comes with speed system and carbon speedbar already fitted at delivery. Then there’s more carbon: the SUCCESS 4 has an improved carbon-composite seatboard.

What is SAS-TEC?

SAS-TEC is a German company that has made a specialisation of visco-elastic soft foam. Many manufacturers use SAS-TEC protectors for motorcycling and skiing body protection, as well as uses in medical applications. To attenuate pelvic impact we have built SAS-TEC side protection into the SUCCESS 4. These items also have plastic covers to ward off pointed objects. All the protectors can be easily removed and replaced.
There’s more information about this German company and their innovative products here.

Why does the SUCCESS 4 now have a pre-fitted speed system?

Up to now we have always included a speedbar with a paraglider, not a harness. But the speed system has become a basic part of a harness, so we have changed the policy and will deliver a complete system with a harness. In future a glider delivery will not include a speedbar.

The SUCCESS 4 is certified for a higher g loading than a SUCCESS 3. Why is this?

This higher g value does not result from the protectors or harness itself. It is true that the main protector is 3 mm thicker and 7 cm longer than that of the SUCCESS 3. In fact, the higher quoted g value has more to do with the higher statistical improbability figures now used by the certification authority, than was the case with the SUCCESS 3.


Pacific Blue / Fire Red Pacific Blue / Fire Red
Coffee Brown / Fusion Yellow Coffee Brown / Fusion Yellow

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