X-Alps 2021: New and Proven Products as well

Alongside the newly developed OMEGA XA 4 we will also be entering the very successful and experienced OMEGA XA 3 in the X-Alps 2021.

Our new OMEGA XA 4 has been eagerly awaited. In March 2021 it was successfully certified on time, in two sizes. In recent weeks we have produced the wings for our X-Alps athletes. Intensive testing followed in strong spring thermals. The OMEGA XA 4, 22 size, confirmed our expectations. But then we had to face the fact that the 23 did not live up to our high requirements for stability and good feeling in the air. Due to the regulations and the short time remaining, a satisfactory improvement before the competition is no longer possible. Time has run out.

The position we must take is clear: the X-Alps presents a monumental challenge for pilots and equipment. Any compromise is out of the question. For more than 30 years we have built a reputation for releasing only reliable and fully-finished products to the public. The world of ultimate competition is no exception. After discussions with our X-Alps pilots we have decided to go to the start line with two products – the new OMEGA XA 4/22 and the race-tried OMEGA XA 3/23. For our pilot team of twelve this means that seven of them will leave the starting line with the OMEGA XA 4 on their backs, and five will compete with the 2019 winning wing, the OMEGA XA 3.

The new OMEGA XA 4 was developed with the “make the best better” incentive. With this in mind, we will continue to prepare the 23 model for series production in the next few weeks, assured to meet the high ADVANCE standard our customers have come to expect.