Aaron Durogati

Name: Aaron Durogati
Date of birth: 1986
Nationality: Italy
Paraglider: OMEGA XALPS, PI, PIBI...
Flies since: 2001

Do you remember your first flight? How was it?

Yeah, it was fantastic. My first solo flight was at the age of 15, that was just great! I knew straight away: Paragliding is my life!

For which moment do you fly?

I fly for the many different moments; for me, the variety makes paragliding interesting.
World Cup, XC flying, hike & fly, speedriding – you never get bored.

Your three top flying areas?

For sure: Muthöfe – my favourite flying area, right on my doorstep.
But of course, it is beautiful all over the world.

What are you doing on a day that is not flyable?

Everything else, but nothing that has to do with water. Swimming, for example, that's the worst for me!

Most important paragliding successes?

2x overall World Cup winner
2x victory at the Red Bull Dolomite Man
The World Cup, the Dolomite Man and the X-Alps are the competitions that interest me. With victory in the first two, a childhood dream came true. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out in the X-Alps yet!

Why do you fly for ADVANCE?

In 2017 I flew all the gliders that were possibilities for the X-Alps. The OMEGA XALPS 2 was by far my favourite. Together with the harness it was the perfect X-Alps combination. Later on I flew the other ADVANCE gliders – all of them were really good! I am very happy to be part of ADVANCE.

What is your favourite food?

Meat :)

What is your favourite quote in life?

"No pain, no gain."