Thomas Ulrich

Name: Thomas Ulrich
Date of birth: 1967
Nationality: Switzerland
Paraglider: OMEGA XALPS, PI
Flies since: 1988

What moments make flying worthwhile?

I find the element of air something special, and it has its own completely unique challenges: to be deep in a Berner Alpine side valley about to land, then with a lot of patience to find a thermal and be hovering above the 4,000-metre peaks is the best thing!

Your three top flying areas?

Berner Oberland, Berner Oberland, Berner Oberland

What are you doing on a day that is not flyable?

Besides flying I still do paraglider tandems. Actually, I’m always flying! 
If this doesn’t work out, I’m a mountain guide, and organise tours to the North Pole or Greenland. In the meantime, I also work as a photographer or go hunting.

Why do you fly for ADVANCE?

I was involved with Advance from the beginning, a few times as a test pilot, and later as a photographer. For me there’s no better paraglider brand, no question! :-)

What is your favourite food? 
Super easy to make and with me on all my expeditions. 

What is your favourite quote in life?

"Follow your path"