Lukasz Prokop

Name: Lukasz Prokop
Date of birth: 1985
Nationality: Poland
Paraglider: SIGMA
Flies since: 2011

Do you remember your first flight? How was it?

I always dreamed about flying, my first flight was very special for me. It was a short tow flight, but I felt so much euphoria that it was like eternity for me!

What moments make flying worthwhile?

I don‘t like limitations – this is why I love long XC flights. Pure freedom – just me, the air and birds thermalling with me. The best feeling is when I start very early and land at sunset.

Your three top flying areas?

Fajsławice – because it is my home site where I made my first steps in the air.
Borowa – because I made my longest flights in Poland from there.
Antholz – because it is the most beautiful FAI triangle route for me.

What are you doing on a day that is not flyable?

Enjoying time with my family and friends.

Most important paragliding successes?

2nd place in WXC Fun class on my IOTA2 in 2019.
I am the holder of the record for the longest flight on Polish territory since 2015:
325km in 2015
329km in 2016
342km in 2018

Why do you fly for ADVANCE?

Because the equipment is always top quality. For me ADVANCE is more than a brand – it is a philosophy.

What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite quote in life?

„Carpe diem“
I always try to make the most of every day, to not regret lost chances.