Basti Huber

Name: Basti Huber
Date of birth: 1985
Nationality: Germany
Flies since: 2008

Do you remember your first flight?

I lifted off properly for the first time from the Brauneck/Garland takeoff. The dream of flying from the mountain to the valley came true.

Your best paragliding experience?

A very special flying experience was the bivouac adventure with Boxi through India and Nepal. It is a gift to be able to travel through such countries in this way.

Your three top flying areas?

The Bavarian forest – I can hitchhike there from home and am completely free to choose my route.
The Wallberg / Tegernsee – I learned to fly here.

What are you doing on a day that is not flyable?

Looking to see when it’s flyable again. Socialising, and above all, lots of sport – without that I become unenjoyable. ;-)

Most important paragliding successes?

2nd in the X-ALPS 2015

Why do you fly for ADVANCE?

When the participation for XALPS 2015 was confirmed, ADVANCE approached me for the first time. Since then I have benefited not only from the excellent equipment, but also from excellent cooperation.

What is your favourite food?

Well-prepared salad with bread or muesli

What is your favourite quote in life?

Less is more! You need much fewer material things than you think, to be happy.